Self Evaluation 36/40

1) Box #1 2) low end so 9 out of 10 3) We consume everyday as if purchasing were like our basic needs. I decided to research more deeply into consumerism because I wondered if it sickens our society. I first thought that the idea of consumerism was just about us wasting our money buying products that we don’t actually need and forgetting about the fact that a lot of people work hard to get that money. Also, I wondered whether consumerism was causing our society to be self-centered and to focus on the desire to get what they want. Including me, people are used to this materialistic society. Although money can’t buy happiness, people value wealth more importantly these days than any other generations. Thus, I had biased thoughts about the concept of consumerism. However, after getting more informed about the topic, I found out that the media could affect us to think of consumerism in a negative way because I found some bias in the media tha made us feel against consumption. In fact, some people believe that consumption develops economy. Others claim that consumtion makes people feel happy. Therefore, I learnt that we have to be skeptical when we are viewing media and keep questioning if it is approved fact or if it is just the author’s opinion. Although I faced some difficulties when researching about this topic because it was new and broad topic, I learnt diverse things about the topic and also how to be a critical thinker. Thus, since I gained an array of intuition and knowledge by trying my best on the project, I gave myself the low end of box number 3.


F) Art piece

자린고비 자린고비2 자린고비4F) My art piece is called “JarinGoBi” in Korean. There is a real story of a guy named Joreuk, who was a Korean Scrooge trying to save his money all the time. Since he was a great penny pincher, he ate his lunch gazing at a hanging fish without eating it. He just stared at it and when his son looked at the fish twice, he snarled at his son, “Isn’t the fish too salty when you stare at it twice?” This story made me think about consumerism differently. Although this story is a great story that the family have saved a great deal of money, but would they have any joy? Rather than just staring at it, if they ate fish, wouldn’t they have more pleasure? So, in our society although adequate saving is great for us, I personally believe that too much saving without proper spending would negatively affect us. Spending for our happiness is not a bad thing after all.

E) Find a a youtube video or chanel on your topic of interest. Post a link to the video and include the following information:

1. Idiots -The Cgbros: the company is expertise in Cg content and digital inspiration from around the world. Since they are focusing on animation, their works can be exaggerated.

2.People will become idiots when they keep consuming the things that they do not actually need and be seduced by the plans of big companies.

3. The robots consume a new generation tablet, and each of them is getting addicted to their favourite activities on the phone. They focus too much on their interests, so when their tablets are not working they get depressed. And then the advertisement of a big company of the brand new generation tablet pops up, and the robots stands in a line to get the new product as if they are bewitched by something, without any critical thinking.

4. I think this video portrays our today’s society. When I was in the sky train, most people tend to put their heads down and start to play with their tablet or their smart phones. Not many people nowadays read newspapers, or books. So I believe the brand new technology devices with lots of functions to play with are sort of making us unintelligent and ignorant. Also, I heard that the people who actually make and produce these stuffs do not actually let their children have a technological devices because they know how it works, and know the consequences that will negatively influence their children. However, we do not seem to realise it and a lot of people nowadays are actually addicted to it. This video shows us that we are like the robots which cannot think critically and get a new one when their devices do not work. We should spend on items more wisely without being idiotic.

D) Find 1 article that disagrees or offers an alternative perspective on your topic. Post the article. Beneath the article include the following information:

1.-Consumerism is good for the soul                                                                                                                                                              -Margaret Wente : a conservative American born Canadian columnist for Canada’s largest national daily newspaper, The Globe and Mail, and a director of the Energy Probe Research Foundation. Born Feb 15 1950 and her article deals a lot about political issues . Also, since she is a senior, she tends to focus more about elders, and their rights.

-Published on December 15th Saturday 2012 at 7:00AM and Last updated on December 17th Monday 2012 at 4:48PM

  1. Thesis or main point of the article: If people are happy and thankful for their consumerism, they should celebrate of how they are spending, not feeling guilty of spending for themselves and culture.

Since adequate shopping gives pleasure and happiness to us, the fact that we love consuming for ourselves and culture does not mean that we are rotten or corrupt, but is that we should celebrate our abundance and feel thankful for it not guilty. The Indian scarf that costs more than a car is not a waste, but a great happiness to us.

  1. Summary of the main points in the article: This article illustrates an alternative perspective on consumerism. It views consumerism as an abundance that we have to be thankful not a waste of money. This article states that the economic boom have “introduced a new age of abundance, not just for kings and princes but for everyone”. Also, this article claims that things have developed and prices went down when the dignity and liberty was provided to the middle class. It assert that the increase of “middle class consumerism is one of the significant turning point in the history of civilization”. The businessman mind and the increase of wealth were celebrated, not scorned or despised. They worked harder and our society improved a lot. So, this article the concept of consumerism the brings happiness and more over, that brings a sense of great development to our technology into economy.

4. Your personal response to the article. Agree/ Disagree/ Confusion/Additional questions/etc: I believe that the phrase that we earn money in order to use is very reasonable. It is just the nature of our society. The reality that we get a great sense of desire to buy when new, better and hot stuff comes out. It is certain that it is a big problem when we are buying and keeping consuming things even though we run out of money. However, I partly agree with the idea that we have to be thankful for our “abundance” and be able to use and share that abundance. If we do not spend our money and keep on collecting them, what is the point of saving money?. We can sometimes donate and use it for good and sometimes, we have to be able to resolutely spend money for ourselves in order to be neatly dressed and to make some changes and improvements to ourselves. Although it is right that our society is getting more self-centerd with individualism not being thankful to most of the stuff that we get for granted; however, maybe our society could have developed a lot because we could try an array of different things and are more affordable to most of the things then previous generation. So, if it is not just spending a lot  without thinking, if it is for self -adjustment and for our temperate joy, I believe that consumerism is no longer a waste, but an opportunity to improve ourselves in different ways.


C) Find 2 articles writtedn about your topic. Make suere they are legitimate sources. Post the 2 articles. Beneath each article inclide the following information:

Consumerism is creating cunning and callous kids, therapist finds

  1. publication and author of the article (include the background of the author and discuss possible bias): -Consumerism is creating cunning and callous kids, therapist finds -Andriana Barton – since she’s women, her articles focus a lot on for more opportunities for women. Also, many of her articles were related to health care and about the relationships between young kids and their parents.                   -Globe and Mail                                                                                                                                                                  -published on May 29th Thursday 2014 at 3:02PM, last updated on May 30th Friday at 8:51AM.
  2. Thesis or main point of the article: consumerism culture is breeding narcissism more over self-centered society. Consumerism negatively affects our society especially younger generation.
  3. This article views consumerism in a negative way since it makes society self-centered more and more. Kids nowadays are more affordable with many diverse resources with which they can try different activities and learn lessons. Parents easily provide their kids with an array of things that their children want. So this article possesses an idea to help parents to counteract consumerism for their children. Especially, the writer presents attachment parenting in which parents give their children a chance to be involved in a group or community activity. Also they can spend quality time together by enjoying simple things around them. According to the article, these kids will grow up to be kind as well as successful. In the West, parents teach their children that they are the centre of the universe, and can have what they want whenever they pursue. This naturally leads to the conception of selfishness. However in a hunter gatherer society, our ancestors taught their children to think that group first individual second and to get what they demand. This value has to be taught to our children. Consumerism erases the boundary of our morality and promotes a sense of self-absorption.
  4. I partly agree with this article since I recognize that our society is filled with individualism, not caring about others than before. I believe that consumerism is one of the reasons of this changed society. Since we can get what we want very easily, we now do not know the value of the things that we get; we take them “for granted”. We become more obtuse and dull of how difficult it is to get things, we do not know how some people work for hours to get what we already have. Gradually we cannot endure our desire to possess new things and we get more impatient and greedy. Once we can’t gain our interest, we can become violent and create social ills. Consumerism also affects our lives as students. For example, when my friend buys a new generation of i-phone, I want to get it even though I have my phone still functioning well. This causes an issue of bully since students with less possessions get alienated from the majority. While consumerism can be self- satisfactory, it creates a critical issue in the future. After I read the article, I started to think whether I need to buy or wait while shopping. In this way, I learn the value of my spending.


  1.                        – Consumerism on display at the University of B.C                                                                                                                           -Vivien Chang : She is a recent University of British Columbia graduate.  Since a lot of her other articles are about students, and she is a recent graduate, I guess that she is quiet young and her views could be limited on younger generations.                                                                                                                                               February 1st 2013
  2. Our society nowadays focus more on external values like money, fame, and their appearances, and care less about their internal values such as self acceptation, or social and community life.
  3. This article shows how people nowadays values the brands and the quality of the things they use a lot. It indicates that a lot of people are “swept up in luxury consumerism” that even UBC campus reveals a lot for consumerism since there are a lot of BMWs and Audis parked in the parking lot and so many “designer purses hang from the arms of one smug-looking girl after the other”. Also most of the people heads down chatting and playing games in the world of i-phone. The article states that since there is much higher discretionary income than the previous generations’, there is a great ability to spend their abundance. There are great amount of students who views consumerism in a positive way that self administration is an important aspect in today’s society. Students claim that “there’s a certain need to dress well” in business, and views “clothing as his entry ticket”. This article believes that today’s culture values brands as the symbols of success. It emphasizes that our society today value more about extrinsic things and believe that those extrinsic values give honor and respect from other people pointing out that because of this, our generation is now more self-centred and materialistic only wanting more and more without caring about others.
  4. I personally think that it is natural for our generation to desire and try to get more than the previous generation since our technology developed and we get to experience and try more different things. Although it is harmful to ourselves, when spending excessively; however, when it is adequate consuming for ourselves and our joy, I believe then, consumerism is a great stress reduction device. When our shopping is no more materialistic that we buy even though we just bought the similar object, consumerism can even positively influence us. I agree with the fact that we have to dress up nice when in a business or even school. In my experience, my friends treat me different when I am wearing my make up or not. It’s not that they bully me when I do not have my make up on, it’s that they treat me a little nicer when I do. I kind of do that too when I treat my friends. When they do not wear any make up, I sort of put them down and ignore them a bit. I believe it’s just natural emotions. Although it is mean to do that, but if we can’t change our society, we have to be adapted to that nature and enjoy it. So in my opinion, I think that consumerism is an essential device to guide us to a great self- adjustment. And if we are the kind of the person who has adequate money to do that, we can use it right and be thankful to that environment.

b) Find a documentary on your topic


  1. Date of release and a short summary of content: 2011  August 21st. This documentary asserts that consumerism is one of the psychotic illnesses. We start to ignore our own lovers, friends, neighbors and kids, preoccupied with processing material items. The documentary presents that humans have basic instincts to structure a sense of identity by possessing products. However, this is not real pleasure or happiness. The more we possess, the more we are likely to have depression, mental health issues and addiction. So, the consumerism we abuse has made us a cancer on the planet. Although we are born to communicate with each other, showing off our brain capacity, consumerism funnels all our brain activities into economy.
  2. Producer and short biography: Slackjaw film- is an organic group of film-makers who have a firm love of both the outdoors and producing high quality work. It has broad base of experience in all aspects of film production and is friendly. From the profile of Slackjaw film, I assume that their documentary might be covering a topic in a light hearted way.
  3. Director and short biography:Richard Heap: He was involved in most Slackjaw activity through sheer over enthusiasm. Experienced camera operator, editor and director. He likes climbing and distant horizons. Since he loves outdoor activities, I think he loves nature and enjoy a simple life, so he might be biased toward consumerism
  4. Discuss the music and how it might affect the content: one third of the documentary consists of music and sound in horror movies, which show that consumerism affects us in a negative way. Then a variety of music are featured differently depending on situations. When they talk  about serious topic, serious music was played, and when the documentary gives a solution in the conclusion, the music used makes us peaceful and light-hearted.
  5. Find an example of a Fallacy used in the documentary: Hasty generalization- Consuming is bad, then people who consumes are not happy, our society if filled up with an array of people who loves to consume, our society is derogated. / all human beings are cancer to our planet
  6. Pseudoscience was used to support the argument. For example, the professor appearing on the documentary, claims that consumerism causes mental illness; however, there are no way to prove that mental illness is a by-product of consumerism. While some people can get sickened by the addiction of consumerism, others feel happy and confident by purchasing for themselves.
  7. Yes, facts and opinions are blurred in the documentary, because the professionals give their opinions in most part of the documentary. The viewers would naively believe that the opinions of the professors are facts, but investigating closely we see that the seemingly fact-based contents are opinion-based.
  8. The last scene was the most effective scene in the documentary. The documentary was basically in a serious mood, but at the end the video concludes that we do not have to consume to make us look good and just enjoy the human nature. So in the end, a 2 year old baby only wearing his underwear is dancing happily in a ramshackle living room. The documentary concludes that we can be as happy as this young boy even though we have nothing.

English11- Inquiry Media Blog -A

a) Choose 5 ted talks ( on your inquiry Topic and post them to your blog. Include the following information beneath each Ted Talk:


  1. Micheal Norton
  2. How to buy happiness
  3. Consumerism
  4. Spending money on the right things with purpose leads to happiness.
  5. 1) Lottery: winners actually ruin their lives by putting themselves in a debt, after spending all the “winning money”, loosing friendship and being selfish. They tend to be not successful.                                       2) UBC undergraduates’ research: The UBC undergraduates are given money. One group to spend it for their own, and the other group spent money for others. After the experience the people who used money for others actually were happier than before and nothing  happened to people who spent money for themselves.                                                                                                                                                                        3) Uganda research: The research went farther on in Uganda too, and found out both universal points, and differences. Universal point: guys spend money for girls, Difference: people in UBC spent for their joy, while people in Uganda spent more for health care.
  6. The image of Bill Gates donating money pops up in my mind.
  7. Prosocial
  8. I agree with the idea that donation makes people feel better and altruistic. We are innately selfish since we are born with vice. Think about a baby who cries for his toy or candy without considering others’ feelings. However, we also work hard to go against self absorption. I can see many examples of good people around me by donating their time and money to help others.  The amount of time and money does not matter, I think. The most important thing is that we are giving them our love.
  1. Graham Hill
  2. Less Stuff, more happiness
  3. Consumerism, culture, design, happiness, media
  4. Although we always want more, sometimes less stuff can make more happiness
  5. The three points 1) Edit Ruthlessly – if there’s shirts that we don’t wear, we have to let it go and now think more before we buy “Will it really going to make me happier?”                                                                         2) Think small- why would we have 6bunner stove even though we hardly use 3 bunners?                                    3)Make multifunctional- there are a lot of products that works as two different things like sofa bed, a table that can be folded small, a bed that can be tucked inside a table.
  6. The single image that I can think of when I listen to this talk is A square box that can be everything starting from a bed to different kitchen materials.
  7. Simple
  8. Since I was young, I have always wanted more. When my friends had new stuff, I always wanted to get the thing they had too even though I did not need it. According to the talk, the space for living has become larger three times than the past. However, we feel that there is not enough room because we fill the space with new stuff without old things thrown away. By listening to this talk, I reflect myself and when I buy, I think more if I really need this.  “Less is more” is a paradox, which is very effective to convey the main idea of the talk.
  1. Mick Mountz
  2. What happens inside those massive warehouse?
  3. Consumerism, business, robots, technology
  4. what we purchase through online are from the robots in the warehouse.
  5. 1)what robots do and work inside the warehouse                                                                                                                                         2) the creativity that they used to solve the problem of 3) how much the employees had to walk before the creation of the robots.

6)robot shaking hands with human that we get to communicate with them


8) I have wondered how my items ordered through online are delivered to my door at the speed of light. This video showed how the items that we just click with the mouse comes together and are sent to us. At first, the workers did it by themselves walking around the factory to get the items, but in this video, they claim that they have thought another way. They actually created robots so if they put on numbers on the robot, they would get the right item to the employee and they just have to put it together in the box and send it. Our consumerism actually has made a better technology system.

1)Jessi Arrington

2)Wearing nothing new

3) consumerism, creativity, culture, design, fashion

4) We do not need to buy new objects that are fancy and expensive, we can always look great with great match of used objects and clothes.

5) 1-She shows some fancy clothes that she is wearing, and all those are from second hand shop                                                  2-She only brought 7 under pants for 1week travel because she is going to look more for her clothes in different second hand shops.                                                                                                                                                          3- She is going to donate all her clothes back when she go back because there will be more unique clothes that she will investigate.                                                                                                                                                                  & the life lessons of wearing nothing new that we have to be confident of ourselves and just be ourselves.

6)A bag that has been used a lot, but still looks fancy with all those scratches.

7) recycle/reuse

8) I always tell my mom that I need a new binder for every starting semester for my school. Also, I do not actually like buying things from second hand store, so when I heard that Jessi has met some great people from there, I was surprised. Also, although this could be a light topic of an women reusing the clothes, if we analyse it deeply, we can think of it as art. She puts a concept to every outfit she wears for example, Monday, shiny tiger, Tuesday, be who you are, Wednesday, Child, Thursday, confidence. Putting a concept and meaning in clothes that she wear, if very meaningful that the concept might affect the day’s mood. In this way, I think we can live more meaningful and joyous life.

1)Dianna Cohen

2)Tough truths about plastic pollution

3)Consumerism, global issue, green, mission blue, ocean, plastic

4)Although we are the one who is making the great pollution with plastic to the marine, we can solve this by refusing to use plastics from stores.

5)1- she creates art works with plastics (sculptures, 3Dworks) and they break apart after time. This means that all the plastics we throw our will break apart easily too.

2- Although I knew that every stores would use plastic bags, when she emphasize the fact that health care stores use them too was surprising.

3- 80%to90% of marine pollution is from all the plastics that we throw away

6)A duck with his stomach filled with plastics


8)I have been using plastics very easily without thinking. Probably when I calculate the amount of plastics that we use, would be huge. In the talk, she shows how many cans are out in the ocean, that picture inspired me. Although I was the one using those plastics, it made me mad. I thought this is why those fishes die. We always think of air pollution as great issue and think that we have to make change. We actually did make some changes like creating a car that works with solar energy, people trying to use public transportation. However, we do not usually think of the plastics we use because we have to use it. Almost everything is made of plastic and it would make no difference if only myself don’t use plastic bags, but we all know that things start from small change and I think it’s time for us to change.