English11- Inquiry Media Blog -A

a) Choose 5 ted talks (Ted.com) on your inquiry Topic and post them to your blog. Include the following information beneath each Ted Talk:


  1. Micheal Norton
  2. How to buy happiness
  3. Consumerism
  4. Spending money on the right things with purpose leads to happiness.
  5. 1) Lottery: winners actually ruin their lives by putting themselves in a debt, after spending all the “winning money”, loosing friendship and being selfish. They tend to be not successful.                                       2) UBC undergraduates’ research: The UBC undergraduates are given money. One group to spend it for their own, and the other group spent money for others. After the experience the people who used money for others actually were happier than before and nothing  happened to people who spent money for themselves.                                                                                                                                                                        3) Uganda research: The research went farther on in Uganda too, and found out both universal points, and differences. Universal point: guys spend money for girls, Difference: people in UBC spent for their joy, while people in Uganda spent more for health care.
  6. The image of Bill Gates donating money pops up in my mind.
  7. Prosocial
  8. I agree with the idea that donation makes people feel better and altruistic. We are innately selfish since we are born with vice. Think about a baby who cries for his toy or candy without considering others’ feelings. However, we also work hard to go against self absorption. I can see many examples of good people around me by donating their time and money to help others.  The amount of time and money does not matter, I think. The most important thing is that we are giving them our love.
  1. Graham Hill
  2. Less Stuff, more happiness
  3. Consumerism, culture, design, happiness, media
  4. Although we always want more, sometimes less stuff can make more happiness
  5. The three points 1) Edit Ruthlessly – if there’s shirts that we don’t wear, we have to let it go and now think more before we buy “Will it really going to make me happier?”                                                                         2) Think small- why would we have 6bunner stove even though we hardly use 3 bunners?                                    3)Make multifunctional- there are a lot of products that works as two different things like sofa bed, a table that can be folded small, a bed that can be tucked inside a table.
  6. The single image that I can think of when I listen to this talk is A square box that can be everything starting from a bed to different kitchen materials.
  7. Simple
  8. Since I was young, I have always wanted more. When my friends had new stuff, I always wanted to get the thing they had too even though I did not need it. According to the talk, the space for living has become larger three times than the past. However, we feel that there is not enough room because we fill the space with new stuff without old things thrown away. By listening to this talk, I reflect myself and when I buy, I think more if I really need this.  “Less is more” is a paradox, which is very effective to convey the main idea of the talk.
  1. Mick Mountz
  2. What happens inside those massive warehouse?
  3. Consumerism, business, robots, technology
  4. what we purchase through online are from the robots in the warehouse.
  5. 1)what robots do and work inside the warehouse                                                                                                                                         2) the creativity that they used to solve the problem of 3) how much the employees had to walk before the creation of the robots.

6)robot shaking hands with human that we get to communicate with them


8) I have wondered how my items ordered through online are delivered to my door at the speed of light. This video showed how the items that we just click with the mouse comes together and are sent to us. At first, the workers did it by themselves walking around the factory to get the items, but in this video, they claim that they have thought another way. They actually created robots so if they put on numbers on the robot, they would get the right item to the employee and they just have to put it together in the box and send it. Our consumerism actually has made a better technology system.

1)Jessi Arrington

2)Wearing nothing new

3) consumerism, creativity, culture, design, fashion

4) We do not need to buy new objects that are fancy and expensive, we can always look great with great match of used objects and clothes.

5) 1-She shows some fancy clothes that she is wearing, and all those are from second hand shop                                                  2-She only brought 7 under pants for 1week travel because she is going to look more for her clothes in different second hand shops.                                                                                                                                                          3- She is going to donate all her clothes back when she go back because there will be more unique clothes that she will investigate.                                                                                                                                                                  & the life lessons of wearing nothing new that we have to be confident of ourselves and just be ourselves.

6)A bag that has been used a lot, but still looks fancy with all those scratches.

7) recycle/reuse

8) I always tell my mom that I need a new binder for every starting semester for my school. Also, I do not actually like buying things from second hand store, so when I heard that Jessi has met some great people from there, I was surprised. Also, although this could be a light topic of an women reusing the clothes, if we analyse it deeply, we can think of it as art. She puts a concept to every outfit she wears for example, Monday, shiny tiger, Tuesday, be who you are, Wednesday, Child, Thursday, confidence. Putting a concept and meaning in clothes that she wear, if very meaningful that the concept might affect the day’s mood. In this way, I think we can live more meaningful and joyous life.

1)Dianna Cohen

2)Tough truths about plastic pollution

3)Consumerism, global issue, green, mission blue, ocean, plastic

4)Although we are the one who is making the great pollution with plastic to the marine, we can solve this by refusing to use plastics from stores.

5)1- she creates art works with plastics (sculptures, 3Dworks) and they break apart after time. This means that all the plastics we throw our will break apart easily too.

2- Although I knew that every stores would use plastic bags, when she emphasize the fact that health care stores use them too was surprising.

3- 80%to90% of marine pollution is from all the plastics that we throw away

6)A duck with his stomach filled with plastics


8)I have been using plastics very easily without thinking. Probably when I calculate the amount of plastics that we use, would be huge. In the talk, she shows how many cans are out in the ocean, that picture inspired me. Although I was the one using those plastics, it made me mad. I thought this is why those fishes die. We always think of air pollution as great issue and think that we have to make change. We actually did make some changes like creating a car that works with solar energy, people trying to use public transportation. However, we do not usually think of the plastics we use because we have to use it. Almost everything is made of plastic and it would make no difference if only myself don’t use plastic bags, but we all know that things start from small change and I think it’s time for us to change.


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