C) Find 2 articles writtedn about your topic. Make suere they are legitimate sources. Post the 2 articles. Beneath each article inclide the following information:

Consumerism is creating cunning and callous kids, therapist finds

  1. publication and author of the article (include the background of the author and discuss possible bias): -Consumerism is creating cunning and callous kids, therapist finds -Andriana Barton – since she’s women, her articles focus a lot on for more opportunities for women. Also, many of her articles were related to health care and about the relationships between young kids and their parents.                   -Globe and Mail                                                                                                                                                                  -published on May 29th Thursday 2014 at 3:02PM, last updated on May 30th Friday at 8:51AM.
  2. Thesis or main point of the article: consumerism culture is breeding narcissism more over self-centered society. Consumerism negatively affects our society especially younger generation.
  3. This article views consumerism in a negative way since it makes society self-centered more and more. Kids nowadays are more affordable with many diverse resources with which they can try different activities and learn lessons. Parents easily provide their kids with an array of things that their children want. So this article possesses an idea to help parents to counteract consumerism for their children. Especially, the writer presents attachment parenting in which parents give their children a chance to be involved in a group or community activity. Also they can spend quality time together by enjoying simple things around them. According to the article, these kids will grow up to be kind as well as successful. In the West, parents teach their children that they are the centre of the universe, and can have what they want whenever they pursue. This naturally leads to the conception of selfishness. However in a hunter gatherer society, our ancestors taught their children to think that group first individual second and to get what they demand. This value has to be taught to our children. Consumerism erases the boundary of our morality and promotes a sense of self-absorption.
  4. I partly agree with this article since I recognize that our society is filled with individualism, not caring about others than before. I believe that consumerism is one of the reasons of this changed society. Since we can get what we want very easily, we now do not know the value of the things that we get; we take them “for granted”. We become more obtuse and dull of how difficult it is to get things, we do not know how some people work for hours to get what we already have. Gradually we cannot endure our desire to possess new things and we get more impatient and greedy. Once we can’t gain our interest, we can become violent and create social ills. Consumerism also affects our lives as students. For example, when my friend buys a new generation of i-phone, I want to get it even though I have my phone still functioning well. This causes an issue of bully since students with less possessions get alienated from the majority. While consumerism can be self- satisfactory, it creates a critical issue in the future. After I read the article, I started to think whether I need to buy or wait while shopping. In this way, I learn the value of my spending.



  1.                        – Consumerism on display at the University of B.C                                                                                                                           -Vivien Chang : She is a recent University of British Columbia graduate.  Since a lot of her other articles are about students, and she is a recent graduate, I guess that she is quiet young and her views could be limited on younger generations.                                                                                                                                               February 1st 2013
  2. Our society nowadays focus more on external values like money, fame, and their appearances, and care less about their internal values such as self acceptation, or social and community life.
  3. This article shows how people nowadays values the brands and the quality of the things they use a lot. It indicates that a lot of people are “swept up in luxury consumerism” that even UBC campus reveals a lot for consumerism since there are a lot of BMWs and Audis parked in the parking lot and so many “designer purses hang from the arms of one smug-looking girl after the other”. Also most of the people heads down chatting and playing games in the world of i-phone. The article states that since there is much higher discretionary income than the previous generations’, there is a great ability to spend their abundance. There are great amount of students who views consumerism in a positive way that self administration is an important aspect in today’s society. Students claim that “there’s a certain need to dress well” in business, and views “clothing as his entry ticket”. This article believes that today’s culture values brands as the symbols of success. It emphasizes that our society today value more about extrinsic things and believe that those extrinsic values give honor and respect from other people pointing out that because of this, our generation is now more self-centred and materialistic only wanting more and more without caring about others.
  4. I personally think that it is natural for our generation to desire and try to get more than the previous generation since our technology developed and we get to experience and try more different things. Although it is harmful to ourselves, when spending excessively; however, when it is adequate consuming for ourselves and our joy, I believe then, consumerism is a great stress reduction device. When our shopping is no more materialistic that we buy even though we just bought the similar object, consumerism can even positively influence us. I agree with the fact that we have to dress up nice when in a business or even school. In my experience, my friends treat me different when I am wearing my make up or not. It’s not that they bully me when I do not have my make up on, it’s that they treat me a little nicer when I do. I kind of do that too when I treat my friends. When they do not wear any make up, I sort of put them down and ignore them a bit. I believe it’s just natural emotions. Although it is mean to do that, but if we can’t change our society, we have to be adapted to that nature and enjoy it. So in my opinion, I think that consumerism is an essential device to guide us to a great self- adjustment. And if we are the kind of the person who has adequate money to do that, we can use it right and be thankful to that environment.



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