D) Find 1 article that disagrees or offers an alternative perspective on your topic. Post the article. Beneath the article include the following information:

1.-Consumerism is good for the soul                                                                                                                                                              -Margaret Wente : a conservative American born Canadian columnist for Canada’s largest national daily newspaper, The Globe and Mail, and a director of the Energy Probe Research Foundation. Born Feb 15 1950 and her article deals a lot about political issues . Also, since she is a senior, she tends to focus more about elders, and their rights.

-Published on December 15th Saturday 2012 at 7:00AM and Last updated on December 17th Monday 2012 at 4:48PM

  1. Thesis or main point of the article: If people are happy and thankful for their consumerism, they should celebrate of how they are spending, not feeling guilty of spending for themselves and culture.

Since adequate shopping gives pleasure and happiness to us, the fact that we love consuming for ourselves and culture does not mean that we are rotten or corrupt, but is that we should celebrate our abundance and feel thankful for it not guilty. The Indian scarf that costs more than a car is not a waste, but a great happiness to us.

  1. Summary of the main points in the article: This article illustrates an alternative perspective on consumerism. It views consumerism as an abundance that we have to be thankful not a waste of money. This article states that the economic boom have “introduced a new age of abundance, not just for kings and princes but for everyone”. Also, this article claims that things have developed and prices went down when the dignity and liberty was provided to the middle class. It assert that the increase of “middle class consumerism is one of the significant turning point in the history of civilization”. The businessman mind and the increase of wealth were celebrated, not scorned or despised. They worked harder and our society improved a lot. So, this article the concept of consumerism the brings happiness and more over, that brings a sense of great development to our technology into economy.

4. Your personal response to the article. Agree/ Disagree/ Confusion/Additional questions/etc: I believe that the phrase that we earn money in order to use is very reasonable. It is just the nature of our society. The reality that we get a great sense of desire to buy when new, better and hot stuff comes out. It is certain that it is a big problem when we are buying and keeping consuming things even though we run out of money. However, I partly agree with the idea that we have to be thankful for our “abundance” and be able to use and share that abundance. If we do not spend our money and keep on collecting them, what is the point of saving money?. We can sometimes donate and use it for good and sometimes, we have to be able to resolutely spend money for ourselves in order to be neatly dressed and to make some changes and improvements to ourselves. Although it is right that our society is getting more self-centerd with individualism not being thankful to most of the stuff that we get for granted; however, maybe our society could have developed a lot because we could try an array of different things and are more affordable to most of the things then previous generation. So, if it is not just spending a lot  without thinking, if it is for self -adjustment and for our temperate joy, I believe that consumerism is no longer a waste, but an opportunity to improve ourselves in different ways.




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