E) Find a a youtube video or chanel on your topic of interest. Post a link to the video and include the following information:

1. Idiots -The Cgbros: the company is expertise in Cg content and digital inspiration from around the world. Since they are focusing on animation, their works can be exaggerated.

2.People will become idiots when they keep consuming the things that they do not actually need and be seduced by the plans of big companies.

3. The robots consume a new generation tablet, and each of them is getting addicted to their favourite activities on the phone. They focus too much on their interests, so when their tablets are not working they get depressed. And then the advertisement of a big company of the brand new generation tablet pops up, and the robots stands in a line to get the new product as if they are bewitched by something, without any critical thinking.

4. I think this video portrays our today’s society. When I was in the sky train, most people tend to put their heads down and start to play with their tablet or their smart phones. Not many people nowadays read newspapers, or books. So I believe the brand new technology devices with lots of functions to play with are sort of making us unintelligent and ignorant. Also, I heard that the people who actually make and produce these stuffs do not actually let their children have a technological devices because they know how it works, and know the consequences that will negatively influence their children. However, we do not seem to realise it and a lot of people nowadays are actually addicted to it. This video shows us that we are like the robots which cannot think critically and get a new one when their devices do not work. We should spend on items more wisely without being idiotic.


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