Self Evaluation 36/40

1) Box #1 2) low end so 9 out of 10 3) We consume everyday as if purchasing were like our basic needs. I decided to research more deeply into consumerism because I wondered if it sickens our society. I first thought that the idea of consumerism was just about us wasting our money buying products that we don’t actually need and forgetting about the fact that a lot of people work hard to get that money. Also, I wondered whether consumerism was causing our society to be self-centered and to focus on the desire to get what they want. Including me, people are used to this materialistic society. Although money can’t buy happiness, people value wealth more importantly these days than any other generations. Thus, I had biased thoughts about the concept of consumerism. However, after getting more informed about the topic, I found out that the media could affect us to think of consumerism in a negative way because I found some bias in the media tha made us feel against consumption. In fact, some people believe that consumption develops economy. Others claim that consumtion makes people feel happy. Therefore, I learnt that we have to be skeptical when we are viewing media and keep questioning if it is approved fact or if it is just the author’s opinion. Although I faced some difficulties when researching about this topic because it was new and broad topic, I learnt diverse things about the topic and also how to be a critical thinker. Thus, since I gained an array of intuition and knowledge by trying my best on the project, I gave myself the low end of box number 3.


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